NIEUW – Dermaplanning

Do you want a radiant skin that feels silky and soft? Dermaplanning is a new treatment in which dead skin cells, downy hairs and light pigment spots are removed by a special knife. This treatment refines the fine lines of the skin! Dermaplanning is the latest technology to provide your skin with a beautiful “glow”. The treatment is completely painless and even relaxing.

What does Dermaplanning do?
• Removes dead skin cells
• Removes downy hairs (vellus hair)
• Refines fine lines
• Brightens pigmentation spots
• Promotes the removal of impurities
• Promotes the absorption of active ingredients
• Make up looks even better
• Gives the skin a “glow”

You can’t have a treatment when you have/use:
• Acne
• Blood thinners
• During antibiotics
• Eczema
• Use of hormone ointment (hydrocortisone)
• Infections
• Open wounds
• Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) or Tretinoin ointment
• Herpes (cold sores)
• Sunburn
• Cancer (not during chemo or radiation)

Advice after treatment
• No sauna for 24-48 hours
• Do not exercise intensively for 24 hours
• No active sunbathing for 3-7 days
• SPF use every day (SPF 30)
• Use clean make up brushes

You don’t have to be afraid of hard stubble, because only terminal hairs gives hard stubble and these are usually not in the face. There is vellus hair (down hair) in your face, which simply grows back softly. If there are some terminal hairs in the face, I will remove these first. You don’t have to worry about your down hair turning into dark and thick hair, because only hormones and medicines can change the hair structure.