Aansan Yeh

My name is Aansan Yeh.
Since I was twenty years old I have felt a huge passion for creativity, healing and holistic wellness. Over the years I have developed in various courses and training such as the Life Alignment methodology. I have now been working as a therapist and facilitator with individuals and groups for over five years, because I feel a great preference for human work that contributes to a more beautiful world. Besides that, two years ago I started working as a massage therapist in the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi tradition and I give Lomi massages, as well as classic relaxation, neck / back and shoulder and pregnancy massages. Are you ready for more vitality and relaxation of body and mind?
A massage treatment is completely tailored to what you need! I see it as a well-deserved silence and pampering moment with many beneficial benefits in which your needs and physical complaint (s) are paramount. The different types of massage I offer:

– A wonderful relaxation massage of the whole body including neck, foot and facial massage, which relaxes mind and body. Offers a relaxation massage a combination of deeper massage in the muscles and connective tissue and light stroking movement.
– A Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage involving pure attention, the connection of the body as a whole, vibration of the muscles, a smooth rhythm and soft long strokes being central.
– Neck, back and shoulder massage especially to loosen stuck muscles and painful knots massage and increase your mobility. This form of massage helps relieve stress, fatigue and relieve stiffness.
– Pregnancy massage (after the first trimester) with loving care and attention soothing and deep relaxation for mother and child.

Do you want to live life to the fullest and flourish? Do you need more emotional well-being? Do you suffer from chronic tension complaints, negative thoughts or unprocessed emotions from the past? Then I will be happy to help you with my Biofield Alignment treatments. You can contact me to gain insight and restore balance around your family or partner relationships, to release fear (s) and other unprocessed emotions, physical health issues or other ‘traumas’ that limit your life. From positive experience I can guarantee that this treatment will help you get to the core of your complaint(s) and support you in:

– Exercise and breathing techniques for more vitality and releasing emotional and mental heaviness: you feel lighter overall.
– Strengthening your core qualities, new insights into yourself, your needs and where you get the energy from.
– Expressing emotions that are playing for you at the moment and processing them traumatizing and painful life experiences.
– Healing profound family dynamics and patterns.

Why this profession?
Whatever I guide, whether it is a massage, group work or personal healing and coaching,
i always focus on the motivation to get the best out of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically get together! It’s fantastic to have conscious touch and flow or an inspiring group process, people relax and see them leave the door with more energy. Over the years I have gained a lot of satisfaction from work that focuses on more peace, strength and fun in life. That’s why I prefer to share this with others!