Cleansing Skin

I always recommend cleansing your skin every evening, you can skip the morning. Your skin produces sebum and sweat every day, and there are free radicals in the air that age our skin. In the city you also have to deal with exhaust fumes and other dirt. You prefer to remove all dirt from your skin. While you sleep, your skin is renewed and your skin is not polluted, so you do not need to cleanse in the morning. Cleaning your skin too often actually causes a deteriorated skin barrier and dry skin, also due to the lime in the tap water. If you apply a cream over polluted skin, your cream will not work and you will be funneling the dirt into the skin.

Various cleaning products
Gel/foam/mousse cleaning
Cream cleansing
Micellar cleansing

Which cleansing for your skin type
Normal skin; any cleaning is possible, gel cleanser or cream cleanser are both possible.
Combined skin; use a gel or cream cleanser, feel what you need most.
Fat skin; use the gel cleanser to dissolve the excess grease.
Dry skin; use a cream cleanser on a cotton pad so as not to dry out the skin.

How do you cleanse your skin?
Washing: If you prefer to wash your skin in the evening, moisten your skin slightly and apply one or two pumps of cleansing into your palm. Apply the cleanser and make circular movements over your face. Then wash your face with water and pat your skin dry with a towel.
Cotton pads: Take one or two (washable) cotton pads, wet them with lukewarm water and apply a pump of cleaning agent to them. Fold the cotton ball in half to distribute the cleaning agent over the cotton ball. Wipe the cotton ball over your face and then turn the clean side of the cotton ball over and wipe it over your face.
Eyes: Use a wet cotton pad and eye make-up remover, spread it over the cotton pad and gently cleanse the eyes. You can also apply one pump of cleansing to your fingertips while showering, massage it through your eyelashes and wash it off with water.

Which cleaning products do we sell?
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