Impurities and comedones


What are impurities?
Impurities include black comedones (blackheads), white comedones (sebum plugs) and pustules (inflammation).

What different impurities exist?
Black comedones (blackheads), are the most common. Everyone knows them, if you don’t suffer from this so much yourself, then you know someone whose comedones are quite visible. Black dots dominate parts of the face. Most black comedones occur on the so-called T-zone of the face. The T-zone consists of: your forehead, nose and chin. A blackhead is caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells (horny layer, outer skin layer) mixed with sebum and sweat. When this layer comes into contact with oxygen and light, it oxidizes and turns black. If you have an increased sebum production, chances are that you also suffer more from blackheads.
White comedones (sebum plugs), lie at a deeper level than the black comedones and you often see when you stretch the skin or with certain lighting. The white comedones do not come into contact with air or light. These also arise from an accumulation of sebum and hangs from a sebaceous gland follicle. There is a good chance that a bacteria is the cause of the inflammation (pimple).
Microcomedones, these are even smaller than the white comedones and can still develop into black or white comedones.
Pimples (inflammation), one hardly ever suffers from this and the other does not get rid of it. A pimple is inflamed and it hurts! A pimple is caused by an inflammation of the sebaceous gland follicle, caused by a bacteria, the propioni bacteria. This sebum is often thicker in texture and accumulates, clogging the outlet of the sebaceous gland. If you suffer from pimples a lot, you speak of acne.

Comedones (blackheads)

What can you do against comedones?
Comedones are often seen as a nuisance and an accumulation of these causes polluted skin. Excess sebum often causes problems. Sebum also has its advantages. Without sebum, the skin cannot move, it prevents dehydration and it offers protection against external influences. In addition, your skin ages less quickly!

The cause of many comedones is often related to increased sebum production. But how does increased sebum production occur? This can have various causes, I will list the most common causes:

✖️Hormonal imbalance (for example too much testosterone)

✖️ Unhealthy diet (many sugars and too little fiber)

✖️ Stress

✖️Wrong cosmetics (synthetic, closing)

✖️ Heredity

✖️Contraception (the pill, Mirena coil, injection)

✖️Pregnancy (more estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone)

✖️ Menopause (estrogen & progesterone decrease)

Do you want to remove and prevent comedones?

✔️Use a cleanse every evening (cleansing & toner)

✔️ Use an exfoliant (scrub or peeling) 1-2 times a week

✔️ Use a cleansing mask 1 times a week

✔️ Use a cream that fits your skin condition

✔️ Watch your nutrition, eat as little refined sugars, carbs and trans fats as possible. Eat healthy fats, vitamin A, turmeric, ginger, vegetables and bitter foods to support the liver. In addition, probiotics are a must!

✔️Use nutritional supplements such as zinc or GLA

✔️ Have the impurities removed by a specialist